Why yes, that is the wheel from my old STi

Let’s talk about wheels for a second

Ah, the wheel, a mythical creature composed of… well wheels can be made from all sorts of materials. More importantly wheels are a simple and well defined entity. We all know what a wheel is, it’s something in the shape of a circle that can be used in a wide variety of applications, like you know, being on cars and what not.

Wheels are ubiquitous and, to reiterate a previous point, well defined. There’s really not a whole lot more to say about wheels, the general design of them has remained constant and unchanged for millennia.

Now let’s talk about software

None of the descriptors…

Github security alert

TL;DR Security alerts are easily lost in the deluge, especially when they come from development dependencies. While a dev dep may not be as commonly affected by a given vulnerability in practice, the existence of the alert threatens the rest of your code. Thus, you should treat dev deps with the same high level of scrutiny that you should treat production dependencies.

The Long Version

Security matters. The modern JavaScript ecosystem is well aware of this, and leaders like NPM and Github have done a tremendous job escalating potential security concerns to the top of developer’s consciousness.

The ethos of…

Andrew Carpenter

Software developer, open source enthusiast https://github.com/doesdev

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